Friday, November 19, 2010

Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day
November 19, 2010

When Caffeine Becomes Toxic

Caffeinated beverages can give you more than a buzz, they can send you to the hospital for poisoning. Maggie Rodriguez talks with Dr. Richard Church about the dangers of caffeine poisoning.

Do you know how much Caffeine
is in your soda?
Match the soda to the amount of caffeine.

Answers Below

Caffeine (mg) based on 12-ounces Soda

Caffeine   Soda
 71.2         Jolt       
 69.0         Diet Pepsi Max 
 55.0         Pepsi One
 55.0         Mountain Dew
 55.0         Mountain Dew Code Red
 55.0         Diet Mountain Dew
 46.5         Tab
 45.6         Diet Coke
 44.4         Shasta Diet Cola
 43.0         Diet RC Cola
 43.0         Diet Dr. Pepper
 40.0         Diet Sunkist Orange
 37.5         Pepsi-Cola
 36.0         Diet Pepsi
 34.0         Coca-Cola Classic
 34.0         Diet Cherry Coke
 29.0         A&W Creme Soda
 22.0         A&W Diet Creme Soda
 0              7-Up
 0              Sprite, regular or diet
 0              A&W Root Beer

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