Friday, August 6, 2010

Purple Ribbon Month
Never Leave a Child Unattended in a Car

Please Remember - Never Leave a Child,
an Elderly or Disabled Person
and Pets in an unattened vehicle.

Between 1998 to 2010, 474 children left in cars died in the USA due to hyperthermia.
This is an average of 37 children per year who died due to hyperthermia.
These deaths could have been prevented.
  In 2010, 29 children left in cars died in the USA due to hyperthermia.
  In 2009, 33 children left in cars died in the USA due to hyperthermia.

4 R Kids Sake is a national non-profit organization that strives in making sure that children do not die due to preventable injuries. Their mission statement is to "Protect our children from preventable injuries and death in and around cars through: Awareness, Education, Legislation and Prevention." Their goal is to spread the message and assist in bringing about a greater awareness of the tragedies that can and do occur in and around cars. 4 R Kids SakeTM is making sure that people know how important it is to NEVER leave a child unattended in a car!

Safe Kids/Hot Cars: Never Leave Your Child Alone

A reminder from the
LA County Dept. of Public Health,
not to leave kids, pets, or the elderly
in cars when running errands.

Resources:4 R Kids Sake

Child left in car fought for his life

Mom Charged After Baby Left in Car Dies

California Councilman Cameron Smyth warns of the
dangers of leaving children alone in a car.
Created for the Child Care Resource Center by Steven Whetstone.

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