Thursday, June 27, 2013

On the Road, Off the Phone
June 24 - June 30, 2013

The National Safety Council (NSC) calls on all Americans to get involved in the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 – 2020, an initiative of the World Health Organization. The Decade seeks to prevent road traffic deaths and injuries that experts project will take the lives of 1.9 million people annually by 2020.

Cell phone distracted driving, now joins alcohol and speeding as a leading cause of car crashes. NSC estimates almost 25% percent of crashes involve cell phone use while driving. 

Driving is a privilege. A driver’s license gives you a certain level of freedom, but it also gives you an enormous amount of responsibility.

When behind the wheel this responsibility comes in many forms:

•Always wear a safety belt
•Don't text or talk on the phone while driving

•Make sure all passengers are wearing their safety belt before beginning to drive.
•Don't drink alcohol and drive. Designate a "non-drinking" driver.
•Never get in a car with an intoxicated driver. 
•Don't eat and drive

•Focus on the road
•Drive defensively
•Plan ahead and allow enough times for delays to avoid aggressive driving

The role of NSC includes 
monitoring crash trends. When drivers engage in behaviors that increase crash rates and risks, NSC takes action.

In January 2009, NSC called for a nationwide ban on all cell phone use while driving. This comes after NSC researchers and statisticians reviewed more than 50 peer-reviewed research reports, many drawing the same conclusion.

Drivers who use their cell phones have a significantly increased chance of 
getting into a car crash.

For more information, visit the
National Safety Council

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