Thursday, November 3, 2011

National Men Make Dinner Day
November 3, 2011

At some point in time, there must have been a movement to get certain men to assist with cooking. This event is not for male chefs, but for the man who believes "Cooking is Women's Work". 

I can't imagine there are many men who still feel this way, but for those who do stop by and visit the 
National Men Make Dinner Day website for rules, recipes, and humor. Below are the Top Ten Reasons to Participate in "National Men Make Dinner Day".

Top Ten Reasons to Participate in
"National Men Make Dinner Day"
(Written by a Man)

10. While cooking, you can still wear your tool belt, simply replace the hammer with a whisk.
 9. Several recipes include beer as a legitimate ingredient.
 8. The blender, the electric mixer and the food processor are loud enough to drown out anyone in the house who is learning a musical instrument.
 7. Whoever is cooking always gets the most attention from the dog.
 6. Whatever recipe you choose, you can name it after yourself. Example: tonight’s dinner is called ‘Doug’s Surprise’.
 5. Discovering that ‘250 ml’ is the same as ‘8 ounces’ AND ‘1 cup’ is half the fun.
 4. Since YOU choose the recipe, it can be a turnip-free night.
 3. Some desserts, such as crème brulee, require the use of a propane torch. How much fun is that?!
 2. Since other husbands in your neighborhood are also cooking dinner, ironically this could be the ultimate male bonding experience
 1. Participating in ‘National Men Make Dinner Day’ gives you optimum points with your wife. Use those points wisely! 

  Action News Celebrates 
National Men Make Dinner Day

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