Sunday, August 21, 2011

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Back to School

Healthy Lunchbox
Cynthia Sass Want to pack more nutrients into your childs lunchbox
this schoolyear? Parents TV Host Juli Auclair talks to an expert about how
to make healthy lunches your kids will love.

Healthy Lunch Boxes
Glenys and Amanda from Dairy Australia give their tips on packing a
healthy lunchbox and whipping up some tasty sandwhiches.

Parent Talk TV: Lunch Box Ideas for Back-to-School
 Healthy Eating Tip from the Danone Institute
of Canada. Andrea Howick shares
some lunch box ideas for back-to-school lunch boxes.
Hummus and  veggies, whole wheat pita bread sandwich,
whole wheat
tortilla wrap with roast turkey and green apple.

 Appetite for Health - Back to School Lunches
Katherine Brooking, MS, RD discusses ways to
prepare delicious and nutritious lunches and snacks in minutes.

Lunch Box Makeover
The Sneaky Chef has some tips to keep your kid satisfied,
 happy and healthy all day long.

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