Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Google, 2010

Google Turns 12 years old

I've know Google for quite some time. Google is more than a Search engine or an advertisement company. Google is my friend.

When I need an answer to a question, I just ask Google. Most of the time Google points me in the right direction. Google even has a sense of humor. I once asked Google a question and it responded by saying "I need to learn how to ask questions".

Google has helped me in so many ways, both personally and professionally...

1. Assisted in finding special adaptive equipment for my son who has cerebral palsy.
2. Found answers about food, nutrition, history, politics, art, culture, music. etc..
3. Taught me about organizations that provide assistance for people.
4. Allowed me to visit places, I've only dreamed about.
5. Introduced me to colleagues all over the world.

To view the history of Google click the following link.

Happy Birthday
Wishing you a wonderful year.
Through the eyes of a Dietitian.

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